Look Who’s Talking TV Spots (circa 1989)

A trio of TV advertisements for the 1989 John Travolta/Kirstie Alley/Bruce Willis comedy box office smash Look Who’s Talking.

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones “1-2-8”

Classic Bosstones, man!

Long John Silvers: “Fish and Chicken Combo” (circa 1989)

Man, what better place to get greasy deep-fried fish on a Saturday night than the local Long John Silvers? Flaky whitefish and malt vinegar takes me back to my childhood….

It’s 106 Miles To Chicago….

Another classic line from another classic film.

Wingin’ It Update December 2016

Thank you all for making 2016 the best year here at Wingin’ It! Just a quick update on all the projects in the pipeline! Please give a thumbs-up on the videos you like, share, subscribe, ring the bell, or leave a comment in the doobly-doo! Don’t forget to check out Twitter, too!

CBS “Live In” Teaser Advert (circa 1989)

I can’t find much on the Interweb about this apparently short-lived TV series from late-80s/early-90s CBS, but it was apparently intended to compete against NBC’s ALF in the Tuesday night primetime lineup.

Introducing LoJack (circa 1992)

Before the 1990s, there was little hope of retrieving a stolen car. Since the introduction of LoJack, there’s a slim hope of retrieving a stolen car.

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