Summer of 100 Photos, Day 1: A photo of yourself with 15 facts


  1. My favorite fruit is a pepper.
  2. I prefer Boone’s Farm to Arbor Mist.
  3. I was the original millennial hipster: I was doing all the stuff that is cool before it was “before it was cool”.
  4. I still don’t consider myself a millennial, but closer to Generation X. If I had to choose a label, I would stick with “Oregon Trail Generation”.
  5. At one point in my young adulthood, when indoor smoking was still legal in Georgia, I spent so much time in Waffle House that I suffered symptoms of nicotine addiction.
  6. I actually have a favorite grocer: Publix.
  7. I once made Michael Stipe cry because I told him–to his face–that I thought the Man on the Moon soundtrack was a steaming pile of trash. I was 18. I was young and reckless.
  8. I’m a lifelong Georgia Tech fan even though I attended the University of Georgia.
  9. My friends and I ran a pirate radio station in high school.
  10. I am a commercially-certificated helicopter pilot.
  11. When I was young, I spent more time reading the encyclopaedia than I did watching television or even playing video games, but I was still admonished by my parents for “not playing outside enough”.
  12. I have recorded and released two musical albums: one as part of a professional jazz ensemble and one as a techno artist.
  13. I don’t have kids of my own, but I have two dogs, four nephews, and a niece. They, along with my friends and family, are my world.
  14. I cook a mean Southern cuisine.
  15. Georgia peach cobbler is my one true weakness.

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