Atlanta Rhythm Section: “Imaginary Lover”

When all the others turn you away, they’re around.

More Tower Speak

Another fun quip heard over 124.55:

TOWER: “‘Copter One-Hotel-Gulf, cleared for the option. Use caution. Traffic is a golf cart chasing a stray dog northbound on runway two. Advise in sight.”

ATARI: “One-Hotel-Gulf has the traffic in sight. No factor.”

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Burning Sensations: “Belly of The Whale”

Somewhere the sun is shining on this world, but not for me. Two lover’s hearts are rising. Oh, how long before I’m free?

Atlanta Rhythm Section: “I’m Not Gonna Let It Bother Me Tonight”

Tomorrow I might go as far as suicide, but I will not let it bother me tonight!

Gerry Rafferty: “Baker Street”

Just one more year and then you’d be happy, but you’re crying. You’re crying now.

Tower Speak

This is the, no kidding, actual exchange when I was returning to Eastman today:

TOWER: Cessna Four-Hotel-Gulf, traffic is a helicopter approaching right downwind. Make LEFT close traffic. You are clear for takeoff.

CESSNA: Roger, left close traffic and clear for takeoff. I have the helicopter in sight. Four-Hotel-Gulf.

TOWER: Copter Two-Hotel-Gulf, use caution, you’ve got a bird off your left about 11’o-clock.

ATARI: Roger, tower. I have traffic in sight. ID is a crow at 12’o-clock. I have a shooting solution, permission to engage?

TOWER: Negative, Two-Hotel-Gulf, I think he got the message. Looks like he’s bugging out. Your orders are to return to base. Repeat, DO NOT ENGAGE.

ATARI: Wilco, Tower. Turning right base. Two-Hotel-Gulf.

TOWER: Two-Hotel-Gulf, clear to land

Flying Tomorrow!

By order of Dr. Clark, I am to start flying tomorrow–no exceptions. I’m half-way through the semester and I gotta catch up since Finkelstein screwed-up my financial aid, keeping me from flying for the past month while I had to fix it. I need a minimum of 20 hours instrument time in order to qualify for my instrument rating–got 4 weeks to get it if I want a grade for the course. Otherwise, it’s an incomplete (which could turn into an F by December if not rectified). If it’s not one thing, it’s another, isn’t it?

Anyway, not to bitch. I’m flying tomorrow, and it will be glorious! I’ll post pictures of the new bird as soon as I can.

Flying Tomorrow

Couldn’t get the override for ground school because I may not have the prerequisite for the class by fall: my instrument rating. It’s stupid.

(video missing)

Hanging In There

Financial aid cheque came in today, so I have money in my flight account. I start flying Tuesday. About goddammed time!

Anyway, gotta rap with Dr. Clark still about ground school next semester, and I had to drop my two phys ed hours I picked up because they interfered with my flight time.

I took my history midterm this evening–only took about 20 minutes–and I’m fairly confident in my performance. We’ll see what happens next week.

Meanwhile, I’ve got a pot of coffee brewing, three bottles of Summer Shandy in the fridge, and a lot of time to kill.