Atlanta Rhythm Section: “Imaginary Lover”

When all the others turn you away, they’re around.

More Tower Speak

Another fun quip heard over 124.55:

TOWER: “‘Copter One-Hotel-Gulf, cleared for the option. Use caution. Traffic is a golf cart chasing a stray dog northbound on runway two. Advise in sight.”

ATARI: “One-Hotel-Gulf has the traffic in sight. No factor.”

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Burning Sensations: “Belly of The Whale”

Somewhere the sun is shining on this world, but not for me. Two lover’s hearts are rising. Oh, how long before I’m free?

Atlanta Rhythm Section: “I’m Not Gonna Let It Bother Me Tonight”

Tomorrow I might go as far as suicide, but I will not let it bother me tonight!

Gerry Rafferty: “Baker Street”

Just one more year and then you’d be happy, but you’re crying. You’re crying now.

Tower Speak

This is the, no kidding, actual exchange when I was returning to Eastman today:

TOWER: Cessna Four-Hotel-Gulf, traffic is a helicopter approaching right downwind. Make LEFT close traffic. You are clear for takeoff.

CESSNA: Roger, left close traffic and clear for takeoff. I have the helicopter in sight. Four-Hotel-Gulf.

TOWER: Copter Two-Hotel-Gulf, use caution, you’ve got a bird off your left about 11’o-clock.

ATARI: Roger, tower. I have traffic in sight. ID is a crow at 12’o-clock. I have a shooting solution, permission to engage?

TOWER: Negative, Two-Hotel-Gulf, I think he got the message. Looks like he’s bugging out. Your orders are to return to base. Repeat, DO NOT ENGAGE.

ATARI: Wilco, Tower. Turning right base. Two-Hotel-Gulf.

TOWER: Two-Hotel-Gulf, clear to land