Atlanta Rhythm Section: “Imaginary Lover”

When all the others turn you away, they’re around.

5 thoughts on “Atlanta Rhythm Section: “Imaginary Lover””

  1. ARS. They never had the notoriety of Lynard Skynard, but to me the greatest of southern rock. First time I saw them in 1978 along with 50,000 other screaming fans, at Georgia Tech’s Grant Field. Saw them again last summer at Georgia Moutain Fairground with the now “50 and over” crowd. After 30 some odd years, they still have 3 members from the original group! Thanks “Child of the Video Age”, for thinking of me.

    Daddy O

  2. Just because you’re old doesn’t mean you can’t still rock!

    I’m not sure what originally had me post this at the time, but I gotta give props to my Pops for introducing me to the vastly under appreciated Southern rock savants, the ARS!

    1. Actually, this has recently become one of my favourite ARS tracks–great driving blues rock–but it is definitely NOT “Free Bird” (and that’s a good thing)! I actually have Red Tape in my collection, and it’s definitely an underrated album! Kudos for the link–I think you’re starting to figure out this Intarw3bz thing 🙂

  3. Look at that crowd! I saw them again Labor Day weekend 2010 at the Cartersville fall festival……… $5 to park, free admission, and I literally stood right in front of the stage.

    Hope things are great in southern Cal. Take care.

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