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Battle Chess


I drew this sometime back in the mid-1990s, my interpretation of the cover art for Interplay’s Battle Chess. For some reason, I found the Queen quite…inspirational. For comparison, here is the original:1069577527-00

Well, the artist is granted some creative license when creating a reproduction, right?

So, I saw this in the parking lot at Carson mall


Box Art Brut

A retrospective on the “golden age” of computer gaming, when software was often purchased by mailing a cheque to a P.O. Box, and the requisite artwork that accompanied it. Born of the era of prog rock, the box art was often more like what you would see on a Yes or Moody Blues album cover, and it never showed the graphics–ever (oftentimes because there were none!).

The no-rules design of early computer games

Source: Box Art Brut — World Writable

Glock .45 Caliber Nintendo Zapper

As completely impractical as this is, it’s pretty cool. Granted, there’s a whole host of petty “liberal” arguments as to why this is a bad idea, but as an art piece, I love it!

Source: Oh My: Nintendo Zapper Automatic Glock .45 Conversion | Geekologie

Every Playboy Playmate Centerfold Ever

I love to pick one particular detail, such as the amount of anatomy revealed, then see how it evolves over time.

Some wonderful person uploaded scans of every Playboy Playmate centerfold to imgur. It’s an amazing collection, whether your interests are prurient or lofty.

Source: Every Playboy Playmate Centerfold Ever / Boing Boing

Gorgeous retrofuturistic space travel posters from NASA JPL

Go Spaceliner!

The Exoplanet Exploration Progam at NASA/JPL has commissioned a set of absolutely gorgeous posters for significant planets, moons, exoplanets, and nearby stars, each accompanied by text explaining their significance and what humans might do if we reach them.

Source: Gorgeous retrofuturistic space travel posters from NASA JPL / Boing Boing

Pixels (X) to Picas (Printer’S) Conversion Calculator

You’re welcome.

Source: Pixels (X) to Picas (Printer’S) Conversion Calculator