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Marietta Dodge: “VAN-O-MANIA ’89!” (circa 1989)

Before Toyotathon, Atlanta car buyers will probably remember this shrill voice touting VANOOOOOOMAYNIA!!!!! Anyone remember who this was?

Maaco: “1/2 Price Paint Sale” (circa 1992)

L’Oreal: “Performing Preference” (circa 1988)

Is she blonde? Is she REALLY? She’ll never tell!

Levitz Furniture: “Biggest Sale” (circa 1988)

Oh, that music! So wonderfully 1980s! Such cheese! Did anyone ever shop at Levitz Furniture before their demise in the mid-2000s?

Lennox: “Pulse 21 Gas Furnace” (circa 1992)

Dave Lennox recommends some of his trusted dealers in the Metro Atlanta area to install and service his new gas furnace.

Hyatt Legal Services: “Advertising” (circa 1992)

We have Joel Hyatt’s word that advertising is a good idea that just keeps getting better. Legal services just like Abraham Lincoln!

Kessler’s 75th Anniversary Sale (circa 1989)

Kessler’s was one of those regional department stores that was huge for a long time, then died in the mid-1990s. I remember commercials for the place coming on all the time. I even lost my parents in the Cobb Centre location, but I don’t recall much about the place itself.

I suppose that by this time, advertising money was getting tight–hence the 5-second bumper spot.