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Seven Reasons Sales Training Fails

Make a friend, sell a house.

Warren Vestal, Sales Trainer

I’ve worked in sales off and on for quite a while now–probably most of my working career, actually.  One thing I have noticed in common with each job is that the sales training focuses almost entirely on the technique of selling.  It’s really this technique, typical of “greasy salesmen,” that tends to drive customers to put up the very barriers that the sales training emphasizes on breaking down.  It’s been my experience that just “making a friend”–that is, to say, building trust by legitimately caring about the customer–is the easiest way to sell anything.  Some people are naturally amiable, and they tend to make customers feel at home and not pressured which builds confidence, trust, and–most importantly–repeat business.

There has only been one company (who shall remain nameless) I worked for that emphasized product knowledge as much as the technique of selling, and it was also the company I had the most success selling for.  Simply put, if a company does everything it can to build a confident salesperson by focusing sales training on product knowledge and industry awareness, then a salesperson will be honest and open with that customer–improving everyone’s bottom line.

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German etiquette group targets workplace kissing

Germans prefer to eliminate greeting business partners with “air kisses” in favour of the more traditional World War.

Germany’s Knigge – or etiquette – Society calls for a ban on French-style kissing in the workplace, following complaints.

Source: German etiquette group targets workplace kissing – BBC News

Dartboard for the 1990s

Asymptotically Free Goods

Required reading for anyone interested in Internet politics and economics.

One of the most surprising things we learned from launching our Internet startup was that providing wireless Internet service is really cheap. What ended up bankrupting the company were all the ancillary services we had to develop–credit card billing, technical support, the corporate Web site and the various security measures we had to put in place to prevent unauthorized use of the network by nonsubscribers.

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Middle Georgia Computers

Toyota’s new slogan


Not only does the accelerator stick, but the steering has no authority either!

The Smart List: 12 Shocking Ideas That Could Change the World

Some of these ideas are absolutely BRILLIANT and so common sense that you wonder why we haven’t implemented them yet.

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Source: The Smart List: 12 Shocking Ideas That Could Change the World