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McDonald’s: “The Return of The Wild West” (circa 1992)

McDonald’s went all-out with the special effects to create these commercials advertising their new Denver omelette McMuffin, breakfast burrito, and the return of the perennial favorite McRib!

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Can You Make Butter In A Coke Bottle? #ButterToastChallenge

Grant Thompson (The King of Random) double dared me to take up the #ButterToastChallenge. Think you can do it? Record yourself and show me here or on Twitter @airbornesurfer!

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McDonald’s: “New Big Mac Extra Value Meal” Commercials (circa 1992)

A pair of commercial spots for McDonald’s new Big Mac Extra Value Meal (only $2.99!), back before “order by number” was a thing.

Only three American pesos for a Big Mac, large fries, and large Coke?!? Back in the day when a crisp fiver would buy you lunch (or dinner). Also back in the day when going to McDonald’s was worth ditching your friends for! Before the dark times, before Super Size Me.

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Lykes: “When It’s Lykes, It’s Gone” (circa 1989)

A little bit of country wholesomeness from the Lykes boys: a pair of commercials for Lykes cold cuts.

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Long John Silvers: “Fish and Chicken Combo” (circa 1989)

Man, what better place to get greasy deep-fried fish on a Saturday night than the local Long John Silvers? Flaky whitefish and malt vinegar takes me back to my childhood….

Little Caesars Pizza! Pizza!: “X-Ray Vision” (circa 1992)

Wouldn’t it be great to have X-ray vision? Then you could tell who had a lot of pepperoni in their bread! Also: remember when you could feed a family of 4 on less than $10?

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Lays Potato Chips: “Oral Fixation” (circa 1993)

Here, kid, stop putting random things in your mouth and start putting more potato chips in it! Gosh, no wonder our nation is so obese!

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