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Solid life advice

You never know where you’ll find it!

Probably Not Something You Want To Hear In The Distance

When this starts blaring, you know you’re going to have a bad day.

Life Advice from David Lister

Some sound life advice from Red Dwarf’s David Lister.

Wingin’ It Update December 2016

Thank you all for making 2016 the best year here at Wingin’ It! Just a quick update on all the projects in the pipeline! Please give a thumbs-up on the videos you like, share, subscribe, ring the bell, or leave a comment in the doobly-doo! Don’t forget to check out Twitter, too!

Zoë Curled Up In Her Favorite Blanket


One dog is a Georgia Tech fan, the other is an Anaheim Ducks fan. I have trained them well.

When your house is burning down, you should brush your teeth

A story of tabbies, tragedy, and thankfulness by The Oatmeal.

It was a terrible thing and I’ve found the best way to deal with terrible things is to tell funny stories about them later.

Source: When your house is burning down, you should brush your teeth – The Oatmeal

Wingin’ It Update November 2016

Back after a few weeks vacation with news and updates on projects. Thanks to everyone who has subscribed; y’all are the reason I’m here! Stay tuned for the new 3D print project, unboxing videos, and a new podcast all coming soon!