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Algebra II, Chapter XI: Rational Polynomial Expressions (The Math Video)

In this high school epic film exploring one of the most elusive algebraic concepts, CJ and Matt must learn how to simplify complex rational expressions before solving them. Along the way, they will encounter various influential characters who will help them uncover the mysteries of higher mathematics, but the ultimate test will determine the fate of the world: learning the true nature of the enigmatic Infinity Ball.

Back To The Future: In Concert


Back To The Future: In Concert

What’s your vector, Victor?


TBS Presents: Journey To Shiloh (circa 1989)

Gadzooks, that’s Harrison Ford!!!

TBS Presents: The Jericho Mile (circa 1989)

Teaser for the TBS presentation of The Jericho Mile. Tomorrow, after Perry Mason!

Heidi’s Song TV Broadcast Bumper (circa 1988)

Commercial broadcast bumper for Hanna-Barbera’s Heidi’s Song starring Lorne Greene!

Guyana Tragedy: The Jim Jones Story (TBS promos circa 1988)

A pair of TBS promotional spots for the television premiere of Guyana Tragedy: The Jim Jones Story.