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Introductions v1.0

Hello, world. This is my first YouTube upload, and the first video with new equipment. I don’t really have the capability to edit very well yet, as there is a distinct lack of good video editors for Linux. Give me some time and practice, and cut me a little slack!

(video missing)


The Lines Are Open….

I don’t know what it is, but I get on a roll with these rants or these diatribes, and *BAM!* I just can’t think of anything anymore. Maybe it’s just a cyclical writer’s block–or ranter’s block. I dunno, but it seems like once I get going (“Hey, this is great! Everything’s coming off the top of my head!”) I can talk and denote what I’m thinking, then, all of a sudden, I can’t seem to think of anything else to say. Once I have something recorded, I can’t think of anything else I want to say about it. That’s my biggest problem with the writer’s block–I have a tough time actually disciplining myself to sit down and write (or speak, rant, etc.) due to lack of material or perceived lack of material. Maybe I feel that I don’t want to weigh in on certain issues because I haven’t researched it enough or no one wants to hear about it–I don’t know. Maybe it’s just a temporary thing and it’ll get back to me…eventually.

I tell you what, comment to this post with what you want me to talk about–we’ll make it like a talk show. That should make things interesting. At least I would know what to talk about (and what to research).

A Bright Idea

Ok, so I got these tapes, and I had this brilliant idea that I’m going to pull out the old microcassette recorder that I had in high school and I was going to use it to record my thoughts as I was just wandering around. I don’t have anything to write them down on–I don’t even think very well when I’m writing, anyway. The best thing I can do is to just talk and ramble on and edit as necessary.

Who needs a help guide?

Well, I finally figured out how to make comments visible. No big news, just now people can read the comments they post. So post! Post your little virtual hearts out!

Egad, I Have A Blog

So I finally got a LiveJournal. No, it’s not going to be like one of those angsty teenage crybaby “pity me” blogs that so permeate the web nowadays, I’ll probably only make entries when something noteworthy happens or if I come across some bit of wit or decide to comment on the state of the world in general. Anyway, this is simply a place to start from, and I shall continue to go forth on the great adventure that is life.

Stay tuned.

In case you haven’t noticed

Yeah, I haven’t made an entry here in nearly a year. That’s because I’ve moved my entire presence over to MySpace, Photobucket, and (coming soon) YouTube. I’m working on a Dispatches podcast that should be up and running soonish. LJ, while it has been good to me as a free blog host, does not allow for the advertising and feedback that MS can offer. Maybe once in a while I’ll blog here, but since most of my readers are on MS, it seems that is where I need to concentrate my efforts.

Atari out.

Dispatches From The Front Lines at MySpace