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NASCAR Commercials (circa 1989-1992)

Remember back when no one wanted the broadcast rights to NASCAR, so Turner took a chance and ran wild with them?

How about back when the only people who knew what NASCAR was were walking out of a screening of “Days of Thunder”? Those were the days!

LA Gear: “3 On 3” (circa 1992)

Let’s count all the 1990s things in this commercial!

It’s Been 100 Years Since GA Tech’s Famous 222-0 Victory

Today marks the 100th anniversary of one of the most famous–albeit lopsided–matches in all sports. This video from SB Nation is probably the best retelling of the (in)famous Georgia Tech football game against Cumberland University. This is the game that helped solidify John Heisman’s reputation in collegiate sports and the game that embodied the notion that Karma is a helluva bitch wearing white and gold.

Atlanta Hawks: “Not A Dream” (circa 1989)

Hapless Atlanta basketball fan can’t sleep for dreaming of The Omni’s Highlight Factory, so he dashes down to the box office to get his season tickets.

Why adding surfing to the Olympic Games is bad news for surfers

It’s already expensive, and the scene is fractured between the “sport” surfers and the “soul” surfers (I’m in the latter category), creating a fairly high barrier to entry to the uninitiated. Mainstream popularity could be the best–or worst–thing to happen to surfing. When sports are injected with a lot of money and interest, they tend to spoil. Just look at NASCAR.

Surfing has been added to the list of sports competed in at the Olympic Games. Despite the PR puff, the reality for surfers is there’s nothing to celebrate.

Source: Why adding surfing to the Olympic Games is bad news for surfers

TBS Sports: SEC Football commercials (circa 1989)

Remember when TBS showed all the sports none of the other networks cared about, like NASCAR and college football? My, how times have changed!

College Football on TBS Brought To You By Domino’s (circa 1989)

Back when TBS showed college football.