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Here’s How You Can Buy a Russian Tank

A million bucks when new, $50,000 buys you, a civilian, a T-72.

Source: Here’s How You Can Buy a Russian Tank | WIRED

The Elegant, Sweaty Art of a NASCAR Pit Stop

In NASCAR, you don’t make it to the top without a crew that can fix you up and get you back on the oval.

Source: The Elegant, Sweaty Art of a NASCAR Pit Stop | WIRED

Dirt Track Sundays

Fellowship. Where I live in Northwest Georgia, it’s a term for a social gathering tied to shared beliefs that mostly have to do with religion but you don’t say that. That describes the Rome International Speedway.

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The Car Race Where a Junker Always Wins

If you’ve ever dreamed of being a race car driver, you’re a good shade tree mechanic, and a bit of a daredevil, the 24 Hours of LeMons is for you. Once described as “the Weird Al version” of auto racing, participants compete in hours-long races driving cars costing $500 or less. More than a dozen LeMon events are held across the country, each with its own eclectic brand of auto tomfoolery. Photographer Jamie Kripke documented the crazy creations and hilarious hijinks of a race at High Plains Raceway outside Denver.

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Ken Block Tears Up Los Angeles In Custom 1965 Mustang

As part of Hoonigan’s Gymkhana driving series, professional driver Ken Block carved LA’s asphalt rivers in a custom 845hp, all-wheel-drive 1965 Ford Mustang.