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The Photo That Took Surfing Worldwide

Up until World War II, surfing had not traveled far beyond its ancient birthplace, Hawaii, and, in particular, Waikiki. Small enclaves could be found along the California coast and in Australia, in large part due to the efforts of Duke Kahanamoku, the Olympic swimming champ whose exhibitions spread surfing like an aquatic Johnny Appleseed (Applesurf?).

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Malika Surf Camp

Maybe I’ll put in a visit to Dakar at some point; it seems like the locals have a better attitude about the sport than many of the bros along the California coast. Then again, when you’re working hard for something as a scrappy underdog, you tend to have a better romance about it!

Surfboard Collects Oceanic Data While You Ride Waves

Benjamin Thompson is a surfer. You would know it even if I hadn’t told you, and even if you hadn’t seen the photo of Thompson where he’s barefoot on the sidewalk, holding a surfboard.

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2011 US Open of Surfing

Here’s a highlight reel I put together for the 2011 USOS here in Huntington Beach.  Kelly Slater took the men’s championship for the 10th time in his career.

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