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What is Eagle Eye Bird Control?

Silver Eagle Eye

The Eagle Eye Bird Control System is a guaranteed, sustainable, scientifically-based, open-area bird deterrent system comprising several different visual, auditory, and physical devices that--while completely harmless to birds--encourages them to take up residence elsewhere through behavior modification.

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Why Eagle Eye Bird Control?

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Pest birds such as pigeons, starlings, and gulls have become a significant and growing problem in the United States and Canada. Bird droppings stain roofs, sidewalks, and patios while nesting material, feathers, and other debris can clog drainpipes, ventilation equipment, and chimneys. These messes are unsightly and cause millions of dollars in damages every year. Additionally, federal authorities recognize that diseases are easily spread by birds and are a significant health hazard to humans.

The Eagle Eye Bird Control System is the only guaranteed, holistic, sustainable approach to pest birds available in North America! Our decades of experience in pest bird control uniquely qualify us to prepare customized solutions for your home, farm, or business.

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How Does The Eagle Eye Bird Control System Work?

Birds See UV Light

The Eagle Eye and ProPeller visual devices deter birds from a given airspace by reflecting filtered sunlight at a particular wavelength that they have adapted to associate with danger. After perceiving the light from the Eagle Eye Bird Control System, birds will change their flight paths to avoid this protected area. Each unit is coated with a special surface layer that filters light unique to each species. This reflected light does not adversely affect humans or other animals such as livestock, so it is safe to use in nearly any industrial, commercial, residential, or agricultural application!

Birds See UV Light

Birds do not see color the same way that humans do. Their eyes have evolved in such a way that they see into the ultravoilet part of the electromagnetic spectrum. At the ultravoilet level, certain colors have come to be distinguished as food while others have become associated with predators. The Eagle Eye Bird Control System filters away the "food" colors and reflects the "predator" colors down and away to birds as they approach the protected airspace. This light shining down from above simulates the same light that would be reflected from a raptor on the hunt, and causes a bird to divert its flight path to a "safer" area.

The Eagle Eye Bird Control System takes advantage of the fact that birds in flight are always looking out for predators. Typically, a raptor will snatch a prey bird such as a pigeon or starling in midair as this guarantees a healthy meal. This attack is usually struck from above, so reflecting the Eagle Eye danger signal downward to the target bird is the only way to divert them in flight. As such, the Eagle Eye Bird Control System must be installed as high above the protected area as possible. On buildings, this means beginning at roof peaks or penthouses and working down along the perimeter of the roof. In open fields, installing Eagle Eye units on raised poles achieves the same effect.

Sunlight Reflections

Three different color profiles to deter differing species:


The silver Eagle Eye is guaranteed to deter pigeons, but it may also work against turkey vultures, crows, and geese.


The gold and silver Eagle Eye is guaranteed to deter starlings, but it may also work against sparrows, grackles, and other small birds.


The red Eagle Eye is guaranteed to deter gulls, but it may also work against cormorants, pelicans, and other marine species.

Eagle Eye Bird Control System Components

Eagle Eye

Silver Eagle Eye

The Eagle Eye™ unit is a rotating, reflecting pyramid with irregular angled, slanted sides for the reflection of light in various directions. The flagship device of the Eagle Eye Bird Control System, the Eagle Eye provides the greatest amount of coverage over the largest areas. There are powered and wind-driven options available.


Silver Pro-Peller

The Pro-Peller™ is a durable, yet cost-effective, unit used to complement the Eagle Eye by extending the effective range and flashing pattern. The unit rotates by means of it’s double-bearing system and the wings have been designed to rotate in the slightest of breezes.


Eagle Eye Audio Deterrents

The Nightmare and Extreme auditory devices offer overnight protection to complement the Eagle Eye System’s daytime visual deterrence. These devices are best used for internal applications where pigeons go to roost, generating specific frequencies at sufficient volume to prevent birds from sleeping. The Nightmare is audible while the Extreme operates in the near-ultrasonic range.

Bird Barrier

Bird Barrier America

The Eagle Eye Bird Control System is designed to deter a majority of birds from a given airspace while in flight, but for protection from the few birds that may get through to land, we always recommend solutions from Bird Barrier such as StealthNet and Bird-Shock Flex-Track! Visit them at for their full line of products!

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What Do You Mean, "Guaranteed"?

When properly installed, The Eagle Eye Bird Control System will guarantee a reduction in bird presence of up to 60-80% within three months in most cases*. In many cases, a complete Eagle Eye Bird Control System will enjoy up to 100% flock reduction, although this is dependent on a myriad of variables including environment, species, availability of food and water, and historical flock commitment. While Eagle Eye visual devices do not typically affect nesting birds, Eagle Eye auditory devices and Bird Barrier physical devices complete the system to offer a robust, long-term solution.

Insist on guaranteed placement strategies

The key to any Eagle Eye installation is proper placement with regard to the building’s orientation, environment, obstacles, and even the movement of the sun across the sky.

Eagle Eye’s experienced in-house team of technicians collaborates with a nation-wide network of authorized installers to design a customized system unique to each situation.

We begin with a satellite photo of the location, then superimpose friendly, easy-to-read icons in the appropriate installation locations.

The authorized installer will then walk the property to determine areas that will need physical deterrence or exclusion, which devices will work best, and how best to install them for maximum efficacy.

The authorized installer will provide a fair price for all materials and labor, including any necessary access or safety equipment. The installer can also provide the necessary routine maintenance on the system to ensure that it continues to function for years to come!

Take advantage of Eagle Eye’s guaranteed results and insist on receiving a copy of the Eagle Eye strategy from your authorized installer!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do birds get used to the Eagle Eye Bird Control System?

Short answer: No. Birds have evolved over eons to respond to the particular visual stimulus that Eagle Eye uses. In fact, the longer that the Eagle Eye Bird Control System is in place, the more effective it becomes! As existing birds are encouraged to move elsewhere, Eagle Eye prevents new flocks from moving in to replace them and the few individuals who get through Eagle Eye's protected airspace will be deterred by Bird Barrier's physical devices, delivering an industry-guaranteed two-phase bird control strategy.

How much does the Eagle Eye Bird Control System cost?

Because there are so many variables (environment, food availability, species, architecture, etc.), it is impossible to quote any prices without first seeing the area to be protected. Only then can our experienced technicians design a system that will work guaranteed. Request a free, no-obligation evaluation today!

Can I see the reflections from the Eagle Eye Bird Control System?

During certain times of the day, you may see a flash from the Eagle Eye and ProPeller visual units. This flash is generally harmless, but some persons may find it annoying. Our technicians do their very best to prevent the Eagle Eye Bird Control System from shining into windows or other sensitive areas, but we do offer mitigation strategies to reduce the flashing while maintaining efficacy when necessary.