Digging Through the Archives: “From The Journal of Armand Clovis” from The Angst Squadron Chronicle

Okay, Chris actually wrote this, I’m just posting it for posterity.

A.L. Clovis

7 Okt. 2014

Position Unknown

There’s just some days I wonder why we go on. There’s nothing in this portion of space. Our patrols have been uneventful for weeks, but I doubt the Zentraedi have abandoned this sector. They logically couldn’t have, it being a major space armada attack force route. They may be massing somewhere for a large scale attack, and this has make some of the squadron more nervous than usual. Or more drunk than usual, whichever the case may be….. Our last major combat gave us all a strategy. But its been so long since then, and we’ve had enough time to refine this strategy, but it may be at the point of refining that the strategy as been refined almost to the point of corruption by over-refining. This situation is quite similar to a situation we had back in Galaga squadron. Our CO had refined his and our strategies so precisely that they worked too well, thus resulting in in five dead Spacy pilots. Lt. Cmdr. J. Peters, our CO, was among that count. These deaths were not in vein, however. Since it was of the first deep space skirmishes, the intel we managed to bring back, along with our internal gun camera footage, aided the U.N.S. in formulation and teaching of advanced combat techniques that exploited the Zentraedi weaknesses. It was after this battle I was promoted, and assigned Rand as wingman. Thus, a premonition of things to come, being Angst. But is it also a premonition of history repeating itself, and imminent disaster approaching? Time will only tell. But the constant ‘what ifs’ that really punctuate the slowness of time passing.

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