Grandiose Schemes, Phase One:

As the little yellow house has become a veritable storage shed, I have taken it upon myself to thin out and discard (sell, donate) anything of mine that is not of any intrinsic value to me. At the same time, I’m actually making use of those things that are of intrinsic value. It still makes me sad going through a lot of it, but it’s part of pulling myself–kicking and screaming, if needed–into the present and future. This project and it’s sub-parts constitutes phase one of the “Grandiose Schemes.” It’s kind of a “reduce, reuse, recycle” philosophy of mine that, at one time, I tried to live by–then I became a pack-rat. Fortunately, the advent of digital technology and media storage has enabled me to dispense with much of my physical media (videos, music, books, etc.) in favour of digital copies. The fire also helped with the whole “need to cull” mindset.

Part One: Conversion Box
In order to actually partake of this daring scheme, I must first build a media conversion box to handle all the rendering necessary to make these transitions happen. It will also have to run on *shudder* Windows because I will need the software support for my input devices.

Part Two: Vinyl and Cassette to MP3
I have some 3 crates of vinyl albums and a case full of audio cassettes stowed in the house. My goal is to have them all converted to MP3 so I can actually enjoy them without the hassle of transporting them, storing them, or setting up a record player whenever I want to hear them. I’ve completed two similar projects already with backing up my DVDs and CDs. This will simply prove to be more tedious.

Part Three: VHS to AVI
I still have a bag full of VHS tapes to convert to a digital format for editing and storage. This will be nearly as tedious as the audio, but not as time-consuming as there is less to convert.

Part Four: Scanning photos
Boxes of them. Finally make use of my scanner.

Part Five: Disposal
Anything I have that is not of any intrinsic value to me will be either sold, donated, or given away to those who would find intrinsic value in the items. I have already made several hundred dollars on Amazon, and that is keeping my head above water for the time being. Nadia’s things will be boxed-up and delivered at some point when everything is finished.

4 thoughts on “Grandiose Schemes, Phase One:”

  1. one thing I learned the hard way (and you might be doing it already, but just in case). For all the things you sell on Amazon, keep a spreadsheet of how much you sold, how much Amazon took from it and deduct expenses paid (shipping, shipping materials, etc). You’ll need it for your taxes.

  2. I’m always making a similar scheme in cleaning out/thinning down my ridiculous cd collection.
    And, fire?
    Also, I’m curious as to what the first comment was. All I see is you saying “bloody brilliant”, and I hope you aren’t replying to your own post. 🙂

    1. Fire: About mid-late 2007, my grandparents’ house up in northwest bumbleville went up in smoke with a lot of my possessions still there in storage. Yearbooks, the “Pinball Wizard” jacket, along with much of my childhood–gone.
      Bloody brilliant: in response to angelnova.

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