Instrument Stage I Exam

I didn’t do as well on my Instrument exam as I would have really liked. I could probably chalk it up to a number of factors, but the problem lies, ultimately, with me–the Pilot In Command.

Mr. Hunt is gracious enough to let me retake the exam and average the two grades together for an academic score, so I’m going to rap with him about what I missed tomorrow and probably retake the exam then.

Argh, I KNOW I can do better! The information is there, I just haven’t quite been able to pick it up when I’m on a written test. Not only that, but the Jeppesen exams we’re using are arguably harder than the FAA exam I’ve already passed! Then again, who ever knew me to resist a challenge?

I am Super Jeeves, THE Geek Shit, Atari. There WILL be better!

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