It’s been a long couple weeks….

I’ve been working 2 jobs (one at Lowes, which I was encouraged to leave by the powers-that-be) for the past couple of weeks, so leaving things there would more than adequately elaborate on the subject line.

But that just wouldn’t be good enough.

To start with, Pops is pissed off at me for some stupid crap that is really more his own insecurities than anything I’ve done.  On top of that, my glasses broke over Memorial Day weekend, so I’ve been wearing my old BCG’s from middle school/high school.  Frankly, it’s rather annoying–the prescription is just off enough to drive me mad (not to mention make my eyes hurt).  I got an eye exam and ordered some new frames, but they had to redo the order because they couldn’t make the lenses I wanted in my prescription.  With any luck, this will be the last pair of glasses I buy.  Give me 2 more years or so and I’ll have the lasik procedure completed.

It’s hard to keep up with things when you stay so busy–the house is a veritible pig sty and I have neither the time nor the will to clean it up since we’re going to be moving soon anyway.

On a lighter note, we picked up Donkey Konga (with bongo controller) on clearance for $15!  W007!  I digress, though, as with things getting hectic, for some reason, I have been getting progressively sickly the past couple weeks.  I chalk it up to stress, so maybe I just need to chill for a few days.

I don’t mean to complain or anything, it’s just that I have to vent sometimes, you know?  In the big picture, things aren’t quite so bad, really.  Money is coming in, I’m cutting the last few tethers of parental dependence, living quarters are going to be improving soon.  Things are actually, in general, looking up.  There’s just a couple of issues that keep me bogged down, and that’s where I have to concentrate my efforts to resolve.

I need to watch a good “We Are The Champions” movie where the underdog comes out on top after fighting a good fight.  I saw X-Men III, and it was really good (thanks, Adam), but rather depressing.  Though, I will admit, the ending was well-worth the anticlimax.  Maybe I’ll go watch the season finale of 24 that I taped and still haven’t watched.  Not tonight, though, as it’s too late to start something that long.

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