Long Day

Today has been a rather long day, I must say.  Most of it has been spent driving from home to other parts of the county and back and walking circuits around Town Center Mall.  Job hunting.  I must say, though, that I am rather accomplished for the time being–I had another interview and have one scheduled for Wednesday.  This time, we’re talking Vitamin World.  Hey, it’s a living, I suppose.  I also stopped by Adam’s place to check up on his new cat, Cinco, and repay an outstanding debt.  At least I have all that off my shoulders now.  Heck, once I can get employed, I can get back on Nadia’s good side !  Yeah, she’s been after me to get a job for a while now–and with good reason–even going so far as to not allow me to go out with the guys until I am employed.  Can’t say that I really blame her, money has been running thin for a while and I’ve been saying that I’ll get a job for a month as it stands.  I also managed to list some of my old textbooks on Amazon to see if I can get a better price for them than the campus bookstores.  From the looks of it, I will.  In other news, 24 is insane!  I’ve gotta go see if Jack makes it out alive and with the evidence in tact!  God bless VCRs!

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