Injury Helpline: “Devastating Results” (circa 1992)

The insurance companies have lawyers working hard on their side and so should you! That was a familiar refrain through so many years of daytime television!

Ingles: “Letter Writing” (circa 1989)

This typewriter was old-fashioned even in 1989! That’s how we know that Ingles Supermarket is homey and traditional!

Roger Moore 1927-2017

Chopper: A History of America Military Helicopter Operators from WWII to the War on Terro

Chopper: A History of America Military Helicopter Operators from WWII to the War on Terro
author: Robert F. Dorr
name: Matthew
average rating: 3.62
book published: 2005
rating: 2
read at: 2017/05/10
date added: 2017/05/10
What started as a promising exploration of helicopter operations through US military history quickly devolved into a monotonous collection of personal histories by the men who flew them. As a fellow helo pilot, I certainly respect the men and their stories, but I felt that they were not done enough justice with a simple transcription. Dorr makes no effort to inject any wordsmithing and instead only serves to define the alphabet soup of military aviation acronyms and casually introduce each recollection. On its own, each of the stories is fascinating and insightful, but as the only source in a historical exploration, there is a lot to be desired!


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Another One Of Those Silly Political Alignment Tests

This one, though, seems to be a little more thorough than the overly simplistic “World’s Smallest Political Quiz”

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National Geographic Explorer Commercials

Before the NatGeo Channel, there was National Geographic Explorer on TBS, a weekly television magazine show that brought the best of National Geographic Magazine to living rooms across the country!


Barney the Dinosaur shows his support for California’s Proposition 64.

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