Emergency Exit

Helicopter vs. Airplane Midair Injures Two

via Aero-News

Best I can determine, from the limited information, is that either the T-6 didn’t clear his flight path before taking off or the R-22 crossed the departure end despite the radio call. The T-6 may have not even made a call. I’ve had an encounter from a similar situation with a Flightstar that didn’t announce its intentions and took off CBDR into my approach path!

For note, that wasn’t the only encounter that I–or anyone else–had with that particular Flightstar at that particular airport.

The Cola Wars

Beware the beverage-educational complex!

Local news coverage (WSB-TV-Atlanta and WXIA-Atlanta, circa 1999) of two Cobb County High Schools (Walton and Harrison) selling out to soft drink companies (Coke and Pepsi, respectively), the reaction, and the lone protester! This was probably one of those things that made me a bit of a legend amongst the halls of HHS….



As if we really thought we could make a difference. As if we really thought we could fight City Hall. As if we really thought we could fight the beverage bureaucracy.





Even my baby sister got in on the action, making posters:



Even the writers of MTV’s Daria seemed to be in on the riot (though, I’m sad to say, they probably didn’t get the idea exclusively from me):

I was caught being GOOD!

Tanna gave me a sticker! Nate didn’t get one, hahaha! Ahem You had to be there….

Crusin’ with the top down in the middle of January!

Tenacious D “The Metal”

So, it’s Chinese New Year–the Year of the Ox, and I checked my horoscope and it said metal was my lucky element…that I should surround myself with metal because it will bring me fortune…and that I should share that metal with you….

The Verve Pipe “Freshman”

When I was young and knew everything
And she a punk who rarely ever took advice
Now I’m guilt stricken Sobbing with my head on the floor

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