Something big is (hopefully) on the horizon….

Well, things are going all right for the time being, I s’pose. My back hurts for no apparent reason, but I’m surviving. I’ve got a lot happening right now, so time comes a little bit at a premium right now. I hope that everything I’m working on can manifest itself successfully. Sorry for being so incredibly vague, but I’m not quite sure which way certain things are going and I don’t want to get myself too hyped-up over anything just in case plans fall through. In any case, just wish me luck, and I will kep you all apprised of what develops as things begin to clarify. Just a few of the things going on: A new educational and career endeavour. Promotions and raises. Financial endeavours. Organisational endeavours. Personal enrichment endeavours. Home improvement endeavours. As many of you know, I was promoted to assistant manager at Vitamin World, bringing with it a mediocre but impactful raise. It’s a nice bonus, as it helps to bring financial enrichment a little more quickly. It’s my goal to get Bank of America out of my life as soon as possible (more on this to be saved for a later number–in the meantime, check out Clark for one motive). I also have a modest amount of credit card debt amassed since buying the house (they nickel-and-dime you to pieces when you purchase one) which I need to pay off. I don’t need CCCS or anything, just patience and prudence. One of my more daunting projects in recent years was to digitize my entire CD collection (some 270+ discs) so I would have random access to almost all my music in one, convienent location (and so I could load my iPod more easily). Now that I am moved into the house and have more available physical space–more “elbow room,” if you will–I have addressed the question of the remainder of my music collection: Digitizing my LP records, 45’s, and cassettes. I don’t have quite the number of them as I have compact discs, but there is much more work involved: recording the album to the computer, cutting each track, encoding to mp3 format, importing into my iTunes library, and finally writing ID3 tags. Needless to say, it’s quite time-consuming, but I’ve managed to complete 14 LP’s in only a few days. The worst part about this project is that it kinda makes my computer bleed with all the processing power it requires. Not so much the power, but the load–and what a load! That’s about all for now. More to come as things progress.

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