Survey for 2008 (Rather Depressing, Actually)

What was the best memory of 2008?
Honestly, it was probably getting back behind the stick after a 6-month hiatus

What was the worst memory of 2008?
June 8-15

If you could go back in time & change anything, would you?
Yes, the week of June 8-15. Everything that happened. Everything.

Did you have a boyfriend/girlfriend this year?
I was engaged. It ended. Had a couple of other relationships since. One in particular, and it ended.

How was your birthday?
I honestly can’t remember.

Were you depressed the whole year?

Did you have a valentine?

How was your valentine’s day?
I wish I could remember.

What did you do for July 4th?
Drove to New York.

Did you achieve your new years resolution?
Not by a long shot. I’m still a private pilot, and I’ve been a terrible person. I have however, gotten closer to my friends.

This or That(2008):

Cheeseburgers or Tacos?

Skinny Jeans or Flare
Boot cut or chinos.

Vans or Flip-Flops?
Funny story about that, actually…. Ask me in a comment and I’ll tell.

Myspace or Cell phone?
I’ve actually dropped most of my MySpacing in favour of Facebook, and I need a new phone so I can keep up with people more reliably.

Dark Night or Twilight?
Haven’t seen either, but I abhor vampires and I love Batman. You figure it out.

Hancock or Iron Man?
Iron Man was a great comic book movie. Hancock was sub-par, but fun.

TV or PS3?
I haven’t played anything on PS3 yet, and I have no cable service, but I’ve enjoyed tv shows online and on dvd.

Winter or Summer?
This year, winter is proving to be better. Overall, I am a much better fan of summer.

Spring or Autumn?
Spring is a time of new beginning, so I generally like it better. This spring sucked, however. Autumn wasn’t much better, though.

Check the following if applies to you:
Kissed over three people

Kissed under three people

Tried something new you regret

Tried something new that you’re proud of
[x] I flew the Schweizer!

Got into a physical fight

Threw up because of being drunk
[X] At the “Pilot Pad” (Bill’s apartment where Travis and Josie live) in Duluth. Silver State shut down, 70 grand gone, Lee and I were taking shots on Jeopardy! questions….

Threw up because of eating to much food

Got in trouble with the police
[X] Kinda. I got harassed by a Sheriff’s deputy for war driving, and I just got a notice of code violation for my vandalised house.

Ate sushi
[x] a LOT

Went trick or treating

Went shopping 3 times a week
[x] Probably.

Did something for your birthday
[X] Probably. I really don’t remember.

Fell in love
[X] Unfortunately.

Got a broken heart
[X] Need I discuss?

Did something to help the community
[X] Working on it, actually, down in Cochran.

Read the entire dictionary

Went to the zoo

Voted for president
[x] Dammit, Bob, your campaign SUCKED!!!!

Distanced from a friend
[X] A few, actually, because of extenuating circumstances.

Lost a friend
[x] Yeah. My best friend outside of “The Guys.”

Random 2008:
Did you go to a funeral this year?

For who?
My lil’ cousin.

Did you feel like you deserved Christmas presents this year from Santa?

Do you even believe in Santa?
Sometimes. At least, I want to.

Did you change at all?
Very much so. Whether or not it’s better or worse remains to be seen.

For the better or worse?
See above. I’m still depressed for the most part, but I have great friends and family who care a lot for me. I’ve also reconnected with a lot of those friends that I lost because of one circumstance or another. I want to be a better person, and I’m doing my best to become the man I want to be.

Do you have resolutions for next year?
No resolutions, just closure from things past.

One thought on “Survey for 2008 (Rather Depressing, Actually)”

  1. The Vans vs. Flip-Flops Story
    So, as many know, I made an impromptu trip to New York last summer. As is customary for me when the temperature is above 80 or so, I was wearing flip-flops for the journey from Cochran to Atlanta. When I decided to run away to New York for a holiday weekend, I realised that trotting around Manhattan in flip-flops was the surest way to incite some major blisters on my feet. To correct this situation, as I had not brought any extra shoes with me, I stopped at Target to pick up a cheap pair. I happened to find a pair of Mossimo kickers that looked EXACTLY like a pair of Vans I had in high school. EXACTLY. Naturally, considering the emotional train wreck I was, I purchased the ones that had a “feel-good nostalgia” to them. It was great! The shoes felt like high school, and, at least for a weekend, I was 17-18 again and loving it!
    I still wear those shoes, they’re great cooler-weather kickers as opposed to my canvas Rocketdogs.

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