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Summer of 100 Photos, Day 3: The cast of your favorite show


Heroes in a half shell.

Summer of 100 Photos, Day 2: You and the person you have been close with the longest

20151027210310-8156651cVance and I were like brothers back when we were both only children. We might now live 3000 miles apart and only see each other occasionally, but cousins are thick until the end.

Summer of 100 Photos, Day 1: A photo of yourself with 15 facts


  1. My favorite fruit is a pepper.
  2. I prefer Boone’s Farm to Arbor Mist.
  3. I was the original millennial hipster: I was doing all the stuff that is cool before it was “before it was cool”.
  4. I still don’t consider myself a millennial, but closer to Generation X. If I had to choose a label, I would stick with “Oregon Trail Generation”.
  5. At one point in my young adulthood, when indoor smoking was still legal in Georgia, I spent so much time in Waffle House that I suffered symptoms of nicotine addiction.
  6. I actually have a favorite grocer: Publix.
  7. I once made Michael Stipe cry because I told him–to his face–that I thought the Man on the Moon soundtrack was a steaming pile of trash. I was 18. I was young and reckless.
  8. I’m a lifelong Georgia Tech fan even though I attended the University of Georgia.
  9. My friends and I ran a pirate radio station in high school.
  10. I am a commercially-certificated helicopter pilot.
  11. When I was young, I spent more time reading the encyclopaedia than I did watching television or even playing video games, but I was still admonished by my parents for “not playing outside enough”.
  12. I have recorded and released two musical albums: one as part of a professional jazz ensemble and one as a techno artist.
  13. I don’t have kids of my own, but I have two dogs, four nephews, and a niece. They, along with my friends and family, are my world.
  14. I cook a mean Southern cuisine.
  15. Georgia peach cobbler is my one true weakness.