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Marietta Dodge: “VAN-O-MANIA ’89!” (circa 1989)

Before Toyotathon, Atlanta car buyers will probably remember this shrill voice touting VANOOOOOOMAYNIA!!!!! Anyone remember who this was?

Lykes: “When It’s Lykes, It’s Gone” (circa 1989)

A little bit of country wholesomeness from the Lykes boys: a pair of commercials for Lykes cold cuts.

“In The Year 1999….”

The opening line to one of the most epic science fiction franchises ever produced!

L’Oreal: “Performing Preference” (circa 1988)

Is she blonde? Is she REALLY? She’ll never tell!

Look Who’s Talking TV Spots (circa 1989)

A trio of TV advertisements for the 1989 John Travolta/Kirstie Alley/Bruce Willis comedy box office smash Look Who’s Talking.

Long John Silvers: “Fish and Chicken Combo” (circa 1989)

Man, what better place to get greasy deep-fried fish on a Saturday night than the local Long John Silvers? Flaky whitefish and malt vinegar takes me back to my childhood….

CBS “Live In” Teaser Advert (circa 1989)

I can’t find much on the Interweb about this apparently short-lived TV series from late-80s/early-90s CBS, but it was apparently intended to compete against NBC’s ALF in the Tuesday night primetime lineup.