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Court: Federal Law Allows Lying in TSA-Related FOIA Requests

U.S. District Judge Joan A. Lenard granted the TSA the special privilege of not needing to go that route, rubber-stamping the decision of the TSA and the airport authority to write to me that no CCTV footage of the incident existed when, in fact, it did. This footage is non-classified and its existence is admitted by over a dozen visible camera domes and even signage that the area is being recorded. Beyond that, the TSA regularly releases checkpoint video when it doesn’t show them doing something wrong (for example, here’s CCTV of me beating their body scanners). But if it shows evidence of misconduct? Just go ahead and lie.

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Obama Promises Broad Review of Surveillance Programs

OH, FINALLY!!! Would you like syrup on your waffle, Mr. President?

Forced by recent leaks to respond to criticism that the government is exploiting legal loopholes to conduct widespread surveillance of U.S. citizens, President Barack Obama publicly acknowledged today that the government needs to be more transparent about its surveillance activities.

Source: Obama Promises Broad Review of Surveillance Programs | WIRED