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Air Force may delay A-10 retirement

Delay it indefinitely, I say. It’s not like they have anything that can effectively replace its mission profile.

The Warthog aircraft could be kept in service for 2-3 more years, a top commander said.

Source: Air Force may delay A-10 retirement | TheHill

The WWII-Era Plane Giving the F-35 a Run for Its Money

How much more evidence does the brass need (and how many more of our troops have to die) before they figure out that the F-35 is a laughably idiotic boondoggle?

The war in Afghanistan proved that we can’t just rely on new technology, but the Pentagon wouldn’t listen—and troops paid the price.

Source: The WWII-Era Plane Giving the F-35 a Run for Its Money | Motherboard

America’s Toughest, Ugliest Warplane Is Going Back Into Battle

For more than 30 years, the A-10 Thunderbolt II—better known as the Warthog because it’s so ugly—has performed a crucial role: attacking hostile targets that threaten troops on the ground, a task called close air support. The plane, designed for the Cold War, is old. It’s slow. And it’s about as sophisticated as a hammer. But it is heavily armored and wickedly armed, making it a ruthlessly effective weapon. And that is why, despite ongoing efforts by Defense Department brass to kill it, the Warthog is headed back into battle to help in the fight against ISIS.

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A-10 Warthog Trainer at the USAF Armament Museum, Eglin AFB