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Brown Gets Stoned


Great Weather For Hockey


Go home, spring. You are drunk.

“Happy Gilmore” on Kings Fans

L.A. Kings fans haven’t been this nervous since someone asked them to name a player on the team.

Twitter user @_Happy_Gilmore

On Sports and Patriotism

The American people fought against the oppression of a government ruled by a tyrannical king. The king is a symbol of the forces against everything that is righteous and good in the American spirit. The king is the antithesis of freedom and liberty–the very essence of American values.

Cheering for a sports team named for such a figure is positively un-American. Cheering for a sports team called The Kings is no better than cheering for The Czars or the Reichfuhrers.

Don’t be un-American. Support liberty and freedom. Go Ducks.

Seattle Sounders FC Band: Sound Wave – Bro Hymn

Hey, Suraj, would it be improper to have a marching brass/drum line at The Pond?

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“Ducks Honor Teemu Selanne, Then Win It In OT”


The Weakerthans: “One Great City!”

Sing with me! #IHateWinnipeg

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Hockey love, baby! Quack pack attack!

Anaheim Ducks Throwback Night

Anaheim Ducks Throwback Night

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