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Atlanta Hawks: “Not A Dream” (circa 1989)

Hapless Atlanta basketball fan can’t sleep for dreaming of The Omni’s Highlight Factory, so he dashes down to the box office to get his season tickets.

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TBS Sports: Hawks vs. Pistons (circa 1992)

Another TV spot for TBS’s coverage of Atlanta Hawks NBA basketball–highlighting the talent that viewers could expect to see playing…on the opposing team.

Also notable is Dennis Rodman looking “normal”.

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TBS Sports: Hawks vs. Bulls TV Spot (circa 1992)

Is it just me or is it a bit of a shame that local TV would resort to selling a telecast based on the merits of the OPPOSING team? I mean, it was Michael Jordan and two-time World Champion Chicago Bulls, but still….

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Dikembe Mutombo’s 4 1/2 Weeks To Save The World

A video game made to stop an actual event that might happen if an ancient civilization was as smart as we think.

(from Old Spice)

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