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Marietta Dodge: “VAN-O-MANIA ’89!” (circa 1989)

Before Toyotathon, Atlanta car buyers will probably remember this shrill voice touting VANOOOOOOMAYNIA!!!!! Anyone remember who this was?

WAGA-TV “Love Connection” Bumper (circa 1993)

Make a date with Chuck Woolery and the Love Connection on Atlanta’s Channel 5!

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Long John Silvers: “Fish and Chicken Combo” (circa 1989)

Man, what better place to get greasy deep-fried fish on a Saturday night than the local Long John Silvers? Flaky whitefish and malt vinegar takes me back to my childhood….

Levine Law Group: “Don’t Go To Court Alone” (circa 1992)

Another local Atlanta law firm advertising their services in the early 1990s.

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Lennox: “Pulse 21 Gas Furnace” (circa 1992)

Dave Lennox recommends some of his trusted dealers in the Metro Atlanta area to install and service his new gas furnace.

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Dozens turn out, pay respects at infamous yet beloved ‘Murder Kroger’

Atlanta’s 11 Alive News covers the candlelight vigil for the impending closure of the infamous “Murder Kroger”

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What’ll ya have?

img_20161024_133252336For our road-weary traveler, nothing but the finest will do. That’s why we’re going to eat at The Varsity!

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What’s your vector, Victor?


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Kessler’s 75th Anniversary Sale (circa 1989)

Kessler’s was one of those regional department stores that was huge for a long time, then died in the mid-1990s. I remember commercials for the place coming on all the time. I even lost my parents in the Cobb Centre location, but I don’t recall much about the place itself.

I suppose that by this time, advertising money was getting tight–hence the 5-second bumper spot.

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Jonap & Associates: “Tough, Smart Lawyers” (circa 1992)

Yet another advert for an Atlanta area ambulance chaser. No wonder the 1990s were so litigious!

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