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Brazilian Soccer Finals

We’re in Rio for the Brazilian soccer finals! Let’s check in on the festivities!

A novelty piece in the old “break-in” style pioneered by Dickie Goodman and Bill Buchanan where song clips replace soundbytes from interviews or dialogue.I downloaded this from AOL in the mid-1990’s, and I don’t recall who uploaded it originally.If you or someone you know created this, please let me know so that I may give proper credit.Thanks!

Summer of 100 Photos, Day 92: Something weird in your house

I can’t really determine what “weird” actually means in this context, as I have nothing that I consider “weird”. Everything that I have has a story behind it, or has purpose, so “weird” (in this context) doesn’t really work for anything.IMG_20160817_190622931This is a figas, a totem of sorts from Brazil that imparts good fortune. The “fig sign” as it is called, is made by grasping the thumb between the index and middle fingers. Interestingly–and weirdly–enough, it’s also a vulgar sign in many cultures around the world–similar to “the bird” in US vernacular. This specimen is carved from wood in a fair bit of detail, and sits in a discreet spot on my bookshelf.

It’s a neat little trinket, given to me by an ex-girlfriend some years ago–during the “Dark Times”. I’ve kept it because it’s interesting and worldly, and because it reminds me of how far I’ve come in the intervening years. I may be only a superstition, but it’s “brought” good fortune so far!

Brazil Is Building A Transatlantic Pipe To Avoid US Internet Spying

Thanks to overzealous spying on the part of the US government’s alphabet soup, countries are looking for ways to circumvent the massive civil liberties and legal violations that come with routing internet traffic through US servers. To wit, Brazil has probably taken the boldest steps so far–requiring US service providers to house their servers within Brazil’s sovereign territory (so they will be subject to Brazilian law) and even going so far as to plan a transatlantic telecommunications cable, connecting to their European sister nation, Portugal.

The US (and, to an even greater extent, the UK) look like they’re trying to prove George Orwell right. The question is: how do we stop it?