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Marietta Dodge: “VAN-O-MANIA ’89!” (circa 1989)

Before Toyotathon, Atlanta car buyers will probably remember this shrill voice touting VANOOOOOOMAYNIA!!!!! Anyone remember who this was?

L’Oreal: “Performing Preference” (circa 1988)

Is she blonde? Is she REALLY? She’ll never tell!

Crazy Gideon’s

Early Facebook Commercial (1995)

Call now and get 10 free hours to try The Face Book!

SNICKERS® – “The Brady Bunch”

BMW i3 – “Newfangled Idea”

What is “Internet” anyway?

The Die Is Cast In the Battle Over Macro Vs. Craft Beer – What The Battle Means For Beer Drinkers | VinePair

During the third quarter of Sunday’s Super Bowl, a sixty-second ad aired that may have forever changed the landscape of beer – not to mention leaving the largest beer brand in the country looking like a massive hypocrite. Budweiser used this sixty-second spot to not only proudly proclaim itself as a macro-producer, but also insult those that are fans of and brew craft beer.

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