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Nyancraft: Final result


Not bad for not having done cross-stitch in over 20 years! This made some for some good practice before tackling a few much larger projects that I have in the pipeline!

Cross-stitch is a bit of a meditative practice, and I think that’s why I enjoy it. Each little stitch gets you closer to the overall picture, and it’s fun to watch an image take shape–much like the thrill of working with Lego or building IKEA furniture. If you’ve never tried it, I suggest checking out a tutorial on YouTube (they’re everywhere, and Adafruit actually has a really good one). It’s quite a simple technique, and only requires a modicum of practice!

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Nyancraft: Black floss laid

IMG_20160702_233423790I haven’t done any cross-stitch in nigh-on twenty years–not since I learned in home economics in middle school. My first lesson in re-learning was how not to separate the strands of floss. That sombitch had more knots than Orange County!

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Upcoming Manly Man Project

252778_466211296724874_352120608_nWe’re subverting gender stereotypes here at Airborne Surfer Media. To be honest, though, every man oughta know how to use a needle and thread! Ain’t no shame in that.

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Dear NASA….