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By November, Russian hackers could target voting machines

You know, if Russia really is responsible for the DNC leaks–with the motive of affecting the election–this could just be the beginning of widespread manipulation of US politics from a foreign power. Let’s repeal our Draconian “protections” (read: “the DMCA”) and start peer reviewing our security before it’s too late.

In the meantime, fellow Shadowrunners, grab your deck and get ready.

If Russia really is responsible, there’s no reason political interference would end with the DNC emails.

Source: By November, Russian hackers could target voting machines – The Washington Post

The Return of Lesser Evilism

Even Rolling Stone is getting in on the action. Folks, the current duopoly is broken. It’s time they had some real competition. Vote third-party. Send a message. Then put Congress under your thumb!

With Donald Trump running for the presidency, the Democrats can be lazier than ever this election.

Source: The Return of Lesser Evilism – Rolling Stone

“Binary Choices” Like Trump or Clinton Are So 20th Century

Don’t get caught in the “a vote for X is really just a vote for Y” rhetoric. A vote for a third-party candidate that you believe in is exactly that: a vote for a candidate you believe in. Don’t give into the hate to vote Trump. Don’t sell out and vote Hillary. Don’t “hold your nose”; keep you conscience clear.

Republican #NeverTrumpers won’t back their party’s nominee but will they support Gary Johnson?

Source: “Binary Choices” Like Trump or Clinton Are So 20th Century – Hit & Run : Reason.com

Trump’s Boswell Speaks

If the 2016 presidential race has proven anything so far, it’s that subjective truth certainly takes precedence over objective fact.

In “The Art of the Deal,” Tony Schwartz helped create the myth that Trump is a charming business genius. Now he calls him unfit to lead.

Source: Trump’s Boswell Speaks – The New Yorker

Stephen Colbert Opens The ‘2016 Republican National Hungry For Power Games’

Look, I know I’m not supposed to be up here, but–let’s be honest–neither is Donald Trump!

California Calls Fraud: Demands DNC Investigation

Reminder: I’m not endorsing either Clinton or Sanders, but I am calling foul on the nomination and electoral processes that are showing obvious signs of corruption. I voted in California’s DNC primary (as a non-affiliate independent), and this affects me because Orange County was one of the handful of counties that have allegedly buggered-up the polls for NPA voters. I am an American, a patriot, and I believe that transparency and fairness are the keys to freedom–not backroom dealings and manipulation. The 2016 election stinks to high heaven because–like the 2000 election–it shows exactly how broken the system is. My hope is that the incumbent parties will see the error of their ways by losing vast numbers to third party voters (Libertarian Gary Johnson, perhaps?). It’s time for a new voice in America–a voice that represents the moderate, freedom-loving majority and not the ignorant, knee-jerk, authoritarian “ultraconservatives” nor the corporatized, arrogant, establishment liberals opposite them.

Pay attention to your local elections. Meet your representatives. Stay in close contact with their offices. Make yourself known. Make your voice heard. Watch them like hawks.

Because the DNC failed to ensure a fair and balanced process, America is left with the two most unfavorable candidates in history.

Source: California Calls Fraud: Demands DNC Investigation

An Open Letter From Tech Leaders on Donald Trump’s Presidential Bid

Today, a broad coalition of tech leaders signed an open letter standing against Donald Trump’s candidacy for president.

Source: An Open Letter From Tech Leaders on Donald Trump’s Presidential Bid | WIRED