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Blame an FAA Blunder for the Lack of Electric Airplanes

How one simple line of bureaucratic legalese can run your whole decade.

An FAA rule has inadvertently banned the development of electric airplanes in a category that makes it easier and cheaper for manufacturers to design simple, fun-to-fly aircraft.

Source: Blame an FAA Blunder for the Lack of Electric Airplanes | WIRED

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First Manned Electric-Powered Helicopter Flight Achieved

In case of crash I stand good chances to end up in kebab form.

Pascal Chretien, Aerospace Engineer

For some reason, the French have always been good at helicopter “firsts.”  This new milestone cuts another notch in their aeronautical belt as engineer Pascal Chretien went from drawing board to working prototype on an all-electric helicopter in less than twelve months.  Granted, the prototype is little more than a Helicycle, but it hovers and hasn’t disintegrated into a million pieces yet (as tends to be the case with a lot of early helicopter models).  Sikorsky is still working on a more traditional model that utilizes the familiar cyclic/collective/pedals combination rather than the weight-shift option Chretien has opted for (as well as one that can lift more than 180lbs one foot off the ground), but it’s interesting to see where this technology goes–especially in this era of skyrocketing fuel/carbon costs and increased noise-abatement requirements.

Read the full story here (via EAA News)