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The 1989 Mercury Sable

Where do you go for great deals on the new ’89 Mercurys (Mercuries)?

Spartan Lincoln-Mercury: “Don Jackson Talks About Honesty” (circa 1988)

The owner of an Atlanta-area Lincoln-Mercury dealership, talks about his business philosophy from the comfort of his favorite chair.

Ford: “Japanese Import” (circa 1988)

There’s a new import in town, the Ford Taurus.

Chuck Clancy Ford commercials (late 1980s-early 1990s)

Hey Folks, it’s Chuck Clancy of Chuck Clancy Ford!

Chuck Clancy of Chuck Clancy Ford extolls the virtues of shopping for a new or used car at his Cobb County dealership. He’s been telling us for YEARS how he’ll beat anybody’s advertised prices!

Hundreds of new and used cars about a mile south of the Big Chicken!

Beaudry Ford: “Taking Atlanta By Storm” (circa 1992)

You never see commercials like these any more, advertising cars that are upwards of 5 years old at the time of airing! Once upon a time, we used to consider frugality to be a virtue, and you would see commercials for local dealerships advertising their USED car stock instead of corporate brands advertising their NEW lease options.

Ken Block Tears Up Los Angeles In Custom 1965 Mustang

As part of Hoonigan’s Gymkhana driving series, professional driver Ken Block carved LA’s asphalt rivers in a custom 845hp, all-wheel-drive 1965 Ford Mustang.

Ford Police Cruisers Now Tattle When Cops Drive Like Jerks

Who watches the Watchmen? Ford Motor Company, apparently.

Everyone’s seen a cop driving like a jerk: Double parking and blocking traffic. Cruising down the highway way beyond the speed limit, with no suspect to run down. Blatantly texting while driving. Pulling the old turn-on-the-siren-just-long-enough-to-run-the-red-light trick. And for anyone who’s fantasized about making a citizen’s arrest of one of their city’s finest, police departments soon will be able to track how their cops are driving, and when they’re behaving badly.

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