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Summer of 100 Photos, Day 44: Someone you’re told you look like

19374_1338381708202_5585501_nOf the many people I’ve been told that I look like, I think Dr. Jones might be my favorite.

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Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye

Welcome, my friends!

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“Raiders Of The Lost Ark” As A Silent Film

Steven Soderbergh, in an effort to showcase Douglas Slocombe’s amazing cinematography, took perennial the favourite Raiders of the Lost Ark, removed the dialogue and colour, and posted it for us to enjoy. Just because he can.

It’s actually very good, and–at least in terms of purely visual storytelling–a testament to why Raiders stands as one of the greatest films of all time!

Leaving On A Jet Plane

Some thoughts about my July 4 flight from Atlanta to Los Angeles.

(video missing)

The Geek Zodiac


I’m a Treasure Hunter. I guess that explains a lot.