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The tricky art of the James Bond theme song

I still think “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” was one of the best themes, even though it probably doesn’t count for this article’s criteria. “You Know My Name” was one of the most appropriate and timely in addition to being one of the best in the series.

Want to record a 007 theme that will go down in music history? This is where to begin.

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Putting Archer Quotes On James Bond Images? Pure Genius! | Amplifying Glass

I was worried at first, but by the end, I loled.

Read most of these in Sean Connery’s voice. “I’m Schorry, I couldn’t hear you over the schound of my throbbing…” Hahaha

Source: Putting Archer Quotes On James Bond Images? Pure Genius! | Amplifying Glass

‘Spectre’ and the Age of Blockbuster Continuity

The first shot of the first trailer for the 24th James Bond film is of a blast site. It isn’t a beautiful woman, or an umbrella that’s actually a sword. Daniel Craig doesn’t throw a hat that perfectly lands on a stand, and he doesn’t say “Bond, James Bond.” Spectre is just the latest film in a decades-long franchise, but the most important thing the filmmakers want you to know is that this is not just another James Bond movie. It’s a sequel.

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Was James Bond the Result of Ian Fleming’s Midlife Crisis?

Ian Fleming was 35 when he first visited Jamaica for a conference concerning German U-Boats—though, to hear Parker’s account of it, the island appealed to his boyish side. Fleming loved Jamaica for its recreational activities, its Caribbean folklore (basically, his belief that it contained lots of buried treasure, informed by his terrible “four-penny horrors” habit), and the kinglike reception he got from the locals merely for being British (he arrived at the tail end of its time as a crown colony). How he came to establish an estate there was equally quixotic: At the end of the war, Fleming told his friend Ivar Bryce, he would relocate to Jamaica to “swim in the sea and write books.”

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Spectre to be title of next Bond film

Director Sam Mendes revealed the title at a launch event at Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire, where principal photography is due to begin on Monday.

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Love Me Harder – ‘James Bond’ Theme -Style Ariana Grande Cover ft. Cristina Gatti