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Kennesaw, Georgia in 1985

Thirty years ago, a new centre of commerce was being built in the sleepy semi-rural community of Kennesaw, Georgia. Local resident A.E. Howard had the foresight to document the area on video. His son, Art was decent enough to upload the video to YouTube for us to enjoy on its thirtieth anniversary.

This is what my hometown looked like in my early childhood. I remember riding in the back seat of the family sedan, winding through the small neighbourhood roads until we eventually reached “The Four Lane” (US-41) that took us south to Barrett Parkway and the Town Center at Cobb shopping mall.

It’s hard to believe that the same rural, tree-lined residential properties shown in this time capsule now comprise the commercial heart of northwest metro Atlanta.

Battle Of Kennesaw – 45rpm

I’m picturing this over the opening credits of my biopic. Needless to say, there’s a new track going into my regular rotation!

Source: Battle Of Kennesaw – 45rpm