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Dancing to “Thriller” at Sgt. Pepper’s

A few sheets to the wind at a dueling pianos bar, Atari was invited to come on stage and celebrate Halloween by dancing to Michael Jackson’s classic “Thriller”. The results were…interesting.

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That’s a Half of a Yard. Of Beer.

Can you hear the choirs of angels singing?

Yard House is quite possibly one of the best restaurants on the west coast, and a significant factor in my decision to move here.  For you Atlantans (or ATLiens), imagine Taco Mac.  Now imagine Taco Mac with good food.  Now imagine a Taco Mac with good food next to the water serving you beer by the “half-yard.”  Yes, friends, that’s a glass that’s 18 inches tall!  I’ll leave you to whisper to each other about why you’ve never heard of such a thing and grind your teeth about how you’ve never been here before.  I’m sure I’ll end up writing a full-fledged review of the place at some point, so I’ll avoid the spoilers.


California Dreamin’

California Dreamin’