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Oh, no! My Nintendo broke!

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The 8-Bit Guy Soundtrack Unbox & Review

The 8-Bit Guy soundtrack is a great collection of electronic tracks in various styles from both amateur and seasoned professional composers! In this video, I’ll go over my first impressions and review a few of my favorite tracks.

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Nintendos Forgotten Franchise: Startropics

Warm up your yo-yo arm, get those bananas out of your ears, and tune to 747MHz! Do me so far do me?

Seattle: Here I am now, entertain me

Seattle: Here I am now, entertain me

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1996 Video game ads

1996 was an interesting year in the history of gaming. DOS was still the king of PC gaming while Microsoft was pushing Windows 95 compatibility (anyone remember the “Game Reboot to MS-DOS” shortcut?). Cartridges were singing their swan song with the N64, Sony was yelling that we were “not ready” for their (technically inferior) Playstation, and Sega…. Poor, poor Sega.

Sony Playstation was starting to rule but Sega and Nintendo would not go down without a fight… well one of them did…

Source: 1996 Video game ads

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Nintendo President Satoru Iwata Dies at 55

What do you say to eulogize one of the men who helped shape your childhood?

Nintendo’s president has passed away, the company has announced.

Source: Nintendo President Satoru Iwata Dies at 55 | WIRED

UPDATE: 23 July 2015

While in New York on business, I made my way to the Nintendo World store in Rockefeller Center and was able to sign Mr. Iwata’s memorial book.


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Pulp Nintendo

A series of Nintendo-themed pulp fiction covers by Ástor Alexander, an artist based in San Diego, CA. Super Mario, Zelda, and Metroid Prime. Hope there are more to come!

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The man behind Nintendo’s musical masterpieces

Koji Kondo has made some of the most iconic music in all of pop culture, let alone all of video game history.

You can probably hum many of his most popular songs, like, say, anything in Super Mario bros. or The Legend of Zelda. He composed the soundtracks for each of those games and their respective series until and including Super Mario 64 and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. His work has appeared in modern classics like The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword and Super Mario 3D World. “Illustrious” doesn’t even begin to cover Kondo’s career in game music.

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Parents Upset Over New Nintendo Console – Super Nintendo – Circa 1991

“Nintendo has released a new set of games, and you can’t mix-and-match!”

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