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Summer of 100 Photos, Day 72: A stuffed animal

20151029012929-eb935c60I gotta start bringing Spaceman Snoopy along on more of my beer adventures. The last time he tagged along was when this photo was taken–when the final launch of Shuttle Discovery was scrubbed postponed due to weather and we stopped by Cocoa Beach Brewing Company to drown our sorrows.

Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown

50 years ago today.

I might’ve done something like this once or twice.

Charles Schulz’s Peanuts comics often conceal the existential despair of their world with a closing joke at the characters’ expense. With the last panel omitted, despair pervades all.

Source: 3eanuts

Geek Gear: Sherlock, Harry Potter, Doctor Who ‘Brit Peanuts’ Shirt

The $10 t-shirt deal of the day over at RIPT Apparel is a nod to famous British characters in Harry Potter, Sherlock, and Doctor Who drawn as Peanuts characters called “Brit Peanuts” by studown.The sale at RIPT began today, Tuesday, August 14, 2012, at midnight CST, and will continue for 24 hours from then, and once it’s over, it will not be sold on the site anymore […]

Source: Geek Gear: Sherlock, Harry Potter, Doctor Who ‘Brit Peanuts’ Shirt

It’s the Intrepid WWI Flying Ace!