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August Photo-A-Day Challenge (2012)

This is the end result of a Twitter photography project I undertook during August this year. The task was simple: each day, take one photo that fits the theme with a mobile phone and upload it to Twitter. Simple, but daunting. It was a task in and of itself to remember the project and find suitable subjects for each photo. Regardless, I finished the requisite 31 photos and compiled them into a collage that fits the month’s calendar.

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Artist prints other people’s Instagram photos and sells them for $100K at NYC gallery

If it is not a specific violation of Instagram’s TOS, this may well be legal. Beware what you post.

Richard Prince selected other people’s Instagram photos, printed them in large format, and put them on display in a gallery. They are selling for about $100,000 each.

Source: Artist prints other people’s Instagram photos and sells them for $100K at NYC gallery

Animals looking at food

At Reddit, in case you’ve never seen it before. You’re welcome, Internet.

The place for animals turning their loving gaze upon food.

Source: Animals looking at food • /r/animalslookingatfood

15 Epic Photos of Buildings You’ll Never Be Allowed to Enter | WIRED

Ruin porn, the more benign cousin of slum tourism, often is slammed for opportunistically making art out of decay and disaster.

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Capturing a Generation of Aviation Geniuses and Their Incredible Flying Machines

“He was laughing his ass off,” Seidemann remembers. Turns out that even though Sandusky was the YF-23’s designer, no one had ever taxied one of these planes out of its hangar for him. What kind of pull, Sandusky must have wondered, did this wavy-haired photographer with the thick New York accent have that he didn’t?

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Dirt Track Sundays

Fellowship. Where I live in Northwest Georgia, it’s a term for a social gathering tied to shared beliefs that mostly have to do with religion but you don’t say that. That describes the Rome International Speedway.

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What About Me: An Infographic (October 2012)