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Summer of 100 Photos, Day 86: Something your mom bought you


I always wanted one of these tabletop pinball games when I was a kid, but they were “too expensive” in the 1980s and early 1990s. I’ve been obsessed with the silver ball since I was a young boy–even going so far as to put “Pinball Wizard” on my high school letter jacket. A few years back, when she was living in New Orleans, my Mom sent this to me as a Christmas gift, combining two of my adolescent obsessions–pinball and Star Wars–into one magnificent gift that I have treasured.

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How Space Cadet pinball won the Windows desktop

I spent so many hours feverishly tapping keys in the pursuit of the elusive Fleet Admiral ranking. It was a brilliant way to while away the hours it took to download short RealMedia videos!

Source: How Space Cadet pinball won the Windows desktop

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Player Piano: “Tetris”

I want this piano. Also, I want a video of Elton John playing “Pinball Wizard” on this piano. MAKE THIS HAPPEN, YOUTUBE!

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