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Animals looking at food

At Reddit, in case you’ve never seen it before. You’re welcome, Internet.

The place for animals turning their loving gaze upon food.

Source: Animals looking at food • /r/animalslookingatfood

Reddit AMA With Man Who Escaped North Korea

Kang Chol-hwan was a political prisoner in North Korea for over 10 years after his grandfather was accused of treason against Kim Jong-Il’s regime. Since escaping, he has become a journalist and human rights activist rallying for freedom of the press in North Korea. With the help of a translator, Mr. Kang dedicated about an hour for an AMA with Reddit.

“The method of torture has also become more severe since the Japanese colonial period, and people continue to compare the current situation to those times.”

Wow. There is a generation of people right now using methods of torture as a barometer for their country’s progress.