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How To Replace A Nexus 5 Battery

Atari shows you how to replace a Nexus 5 battery. The technique is simple and can be applied to any phone from a Moto X to an iPhone 6!

No, Your iPhone Was Never Only $200

Yesterday, Apple announced a new iPhone, but if you’re looking to pre-order it this weekend, you may find that it costs $650—a far cry from the $200 it cost on a lot of older phone plans. I have some bad news for you: your phone never cost only $200.

Source: No, Your iPhone Was Never Only $200

Man happy after cheap smartphone downgrade

I wholeheartedly agree with this man’s opinions. A cheaper, decently-powered phone can be much less of a headache and provide more customisation options than the priciest of flagships. Despite my love affair with Nexus, my next phone may retail for less than $200.

Source: Man happy after cheap smartphone downgrade

Neptune: An Almost-Crazy Idea for Upending the Smartphone Ecosystem | WIRED

Neptune, a new startup launching today, believes the era of the smartphone is headed towards an end. “The current wearables space is best summarized as a master/slave relationship,” says Simon Tian, Neptune’s boyish founder, who is all of 20 years old. In his formulation, the phone is the master, and all wearables are the slaves, simply borrowing from the power and capabilities of the phone. “The smart watch actually just proves you’re also a slave to your phone. Imagine when it’s out of sight. You freak out!” Tian says.

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