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Red Alert!

All decks, report!

Trek at 50: The quest for a unifying theory of time travel in Star Trek

An exploration into the possible and plausible theories of time travel via Star Trek. Take a couple aspirin and settle in for an interesting ride!

It’s 2016, meaning we now have many examples of Trek’s time paradoxes to explore.

Source: Trek at 50: The quest for a unifying theory of time travel in Star Trek | Ars Technica

Star Trek Kirk vs. Gorn Minimates

Star Trek Kirk vs. Gorn

A while back, Barbie and I took a trip out to Vasquez Rocks County Park to do a little hiking at soak up some Hollywood history. The 932-acre park north of Los Angeles has played the backdrop to dozens of films and television shows, possibly the most famous of which was the original Star Trek episode “Arena” which featured Captain Kirk pitted against a rubber lizard suit Gorn in a fight to the death on a desert planet.

To pay homage to such a significant piece of popular culture, we set up a photo shoot with my Star Trek Kirk vs. Gorn Minimates figures in front of the iconic “big rocks” that are instantly recognisable to Trekkers and Trekkies alike.

We played around with a few different poses before settling on the “flying kick” that the good captain made famous. Unfortunately, the limitations in the Minimates figures’ articulation made the double-fisted hammer punch pose impossible.

xkcd: “Synonym Movies”

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Eclectic Method: Jean-Luc Picard

“Riker” starring William T. Riker

What if Riker got his own spinoff series?

Modern Star Trek Scenes, Now With the Original Starship | WIRED

Say what you will about Star Trek Into Darkness, but the warp effects in that movie are irresistible. When J.J. Abrams’ USS Enterprise explodes into space, its blue-white contrails leaving interstellar streamers in its wake, your whole being rejoices. But here’s a sad thought: You know the Enterprise from the original Star Trek series, the one everyone fell in love with? The blueprint from which all future Enterprises were built? The classic studio model by art director Matt Jefferies that served Gene Roddenberry so well until it was replaced by one from Industrial Light & Magic? In other words, the One True Enterprise? It never got to blast off like that. When it jumped to warp, nothing much happened at all.

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