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Princess Fea

Princess Fea

The Twelve Parsec Stare

Boba Fett in a spaghetti western. It works!

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STAR WARS Art From Craig Davison Will Take You Right Back To Childhood

If the artwork of Craig Davison doesn’t take you right back to childhood and have you getting covered in dust as you search the basement or attic for your old Kenner toys, I just don’t know what will. In fact, after perusing the 19 images, I ran right home and threw Star Wars: A New Hope into my DVD player before getting into a long discussion with my editor over whether I’m a fan of Star Wars itself or just the original trilogy. It was intense. We did not agree in the end. Return of the Jedi was actually the very first movie I ever saw in the movie theater. I was seven. It took a lot of sibling argument and hunting through IMDb theater screening records to figure out that it was not, as I insisted for a long time when I was young and silly, an original release but the re-release in 1989. Thank you, older brother, for insisting on a movie birthday party.

Source: STAR WARS Art From Craig Davison Will Take You Right Back To Childhood | Nerdist

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Strategic Defense: Military Uses of the Moon & Asteroids (1983) | WIRED

“Let me share with you a vision of the future,” Reagan began. He then summed up his vision in a two-part question replete with the Cold War language of his presidency: “What if free people could live secure in the knowledge that their security did not rest upon the threat of instant U.S. retaliation to deter a Soviet attack, that we could intercept and destroy strategic ballistic missiles before they reached our own soil or that of our allies?”

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Star Wars VS Star Trek Epic Trailer