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Toys vs Toys

Brilliant stop-motion animation by a Viner-turned-Robot-Chicken-staffer. Link versus Darth Vader in a most epic battle of ultimate destiny.

30 years, 30 memorable facts about Super Mario Bros.

Happy birthday, Mario!

Diving deep into the game that propelled Nintendo’s rise in home console market.

Source: 30 years, 30 memorable facts about Super Mario Bros. | Ars Technica

The Genius of the Super Mario Bros. “Game Over” Theme

Source: The Genius of the Super Mario Bros. “Game Over” Theme

The man behind Nintendo’s musical masterpieces

Koji Kondo has made some of the most iconic music in all of pop culture, let alone all of video game history.

You can probably hum many of his most popular songs, like, say, anything in Super Mario bros. or The Legend of Zelda. He composed the soundtracks for each of those games and their respective series until and including Super Mario 64 and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. His work has appeared in modern classics like The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword and Super Mario 3D World. “Illustrious” doesn’t even begin to cover Kondo’s career in game music.

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Mario Piano Sheet Music & Video Demo Tutorials

Nintendo has never published their own official version, and high demand for Mario sheet music has led a number of fans to release their own transcription attempts, none of which succeeded in doing justice to the original Koji Kondo creation; while some of these efforts were fair approximations and captured the gist of the tunes, they were often simplified or interpreted versions, with missing or extra notes, inaccurate rhythms and inadequate notation; furthermore, they hardly looked good when printed on paper sheets, and they never offered fingering suggestions, thus leaving these non-trivial piano pieces out of reach from all but the more advanced piano players.

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twxxd.com: “It’s a Me, Amore”

Yeah, I BET you’re sorry that the Princess is in Another Castle…

Source: twxxd.com – It’s a Me, Amore

The People’s Mario

Mario, glorious hero of the illustrious Soviet Empire!

Communist Propaganda-styled Mario

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